Our product line has new solutions for decorating your villas. Thanks to them, you can easily add depth and intrigue to any room in your home. In particular, visually revitalize any room using our 3D photo wallpaper. The transformed space in this way acquires a truly exclusive and fashionable design.
By going to the catalog for a collection of narrow vertical 3D photo wallpapers, you will find photo wallpapers for every taste. Because this line includes a wide variety of models. And if you select photo wallpaper in the corridor, living room, children’s room or bedroom, then it is with us that you can find the right and suitable option.


“Volumetric Chinese vase”

Narrow photo wallpaper is a functional and useful type of 3D wallpaper that allows you to: 

  • add visual focus to space
  • visually expand a small room
  • mask minor damage, bumps and other imperfections in the walls

Modern Narrow vertical murals create the illusion that the surface has more than two dimensions, and also add space and texture to any room in which they are placed.


“Volumetric roses marble”

Let’s look at options where you can apply this type of photo wallpaper. Our recommendations will help you decide and tune in to updating your home.

Photo wallpaper in the hall

 These 3D wallpapers are perfect in the hallway. The entrance hall creates the first impression of your home. Comfort and tranquility or originality and originality, you choose. Narrow vertical murals allow you to profitably present the house right from the doorstep.
We know that most often hallways are compact in size. That is why narrow vertical murals are suitable for them. You can successfully choose the model, theme and color scheme of the photo wallpaper if you decide what exactly you want to see when you come home.


“The sun at sunset. Paris”

Photo wallpaper in the hallway will attract not only you, but also each guest. Therefore, along with improving the design in the lobby, you have a great opportunity to express your personality using narrow photo wallpaper. The catalog has over 80 options and you can find exactly the one that suits you. And if you can’t decide, our professional designers will help you create an individual sketch of photo wallpaper for your interior.


“Bas-relief with a naked maid”

Photos of narrow streets directly opposite the entrance to the house, or antique arches with sculptures or steps leading you to another world. Tall trees and stately vases. Vertical photo wallpaper will make your hallway visually more spacious and will cheer you up as soon as you open the front door.


“Antique arches with sculptures”

Photo wallpaper in the living room

The living room is different. This is the place where you are longer in time. And here it is necessary to approach the choice more seriously. So that the selected version of the photo wallpaper gives you only pleasure and harmoniously looks in general.
Create a living room that will delight not only you, but also surprise your guests with its originality. To do this, it is not necessary to make expensive repairs and change the coating of all walls. Just one or two narrow vertical stripes of 3D photo wallpaper and the living room will sparkle with new colors. It will be successful to place 3D-wallpapers with animals or flowers, this will create coziness, enliven the space and add coziness to the room.
A vertical photo wallpaper of wildlife, placed in the corners of the living room, will create an interesting eco-effect and escape from the bustle of the city. And even move you on a real trip out of town.


“Green crowns”

Photo wallpaper to the nursery

A magical forest, a race track or the kingdom of animals and nature – the ideas for a children’s room are simply inexhaustible. And thanks to the 3D effect of the photo of the wallpaper, the children will be immersed in their fantastic worlds, which nourish their most secret dreams and fantasies. Make a children’s room not only beautiful and interesting, but also informative.


“The ship behind the wall”

You can place a photo wallpaper in the nursery in a niche or arrange a photo wallpaper frame. In this case, you can use original photo solutions: photos of your favorite animals, pictures with topics that are interesting to the child, for example, the history of the ancient world.


“Giraffe in the picture”

Sometimes it becomes necessary to visually fill narrow sections deepened into the wall. Vertical photo wallpapers are ideal for such cases. You can make a decision about the color or pattern both independently and by reading our catalogs.


“Antique Garden”

You can also fill in the photo wallpaper with a small space in the niches of the shelves, which remains noticeable if the shelf is not full. To do this, feel free to contact the managers of our company and we will help with the selection of photo wallpapers. Such solutions will originally highlight the space behind the shelves from the overall space of the wall and decorate the overall look.


“A picture of a girl on a stone wall”

Vertical photo wallpaper is able to visually “stretch” the space of the room due to its format and image. Arches and windows with sea views, bridges thrown over the abyss, fountains on the territory of the palace attract the eye. And even cause a feeling of lightness and airiness, no matter how small the room actually is. Choose your images with pleasure and anticipation of beauty.

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