Options for the design and installation of air conditioning systems

Air conditioning system offers various solutions, the choice depends on the wishes of the customer and is based on capital and operating costs. In addition to selecting the type of system manufacturers provide a huge range of indoor units.

Besides traditional wall units, there are also cassette units, but they are not often used in the design of air conditioning systems at villas, as they are developed for composing tile ceilings and are the size of 600х600мм. Another type of indoor ac units is floor units installed as radiators under the windows, they have a more aesthetic look. One more type of indoor units is a canal type of concealed ac installation, this is the most frequently used type for villas. The unit can be placed under a false ceiling or in an adjacent room. Air drawoffs and grilles help take the air from the room, treat it and return. This method of cooling is the most unnoticeable one, as only the air inlet and outlet grilles are located in the room.

Home air conditioning installation based on split systems


The most affordable solution for the conditioning of the villa is air conditioning on the basis of split-systems. Calculation and design of the hvac system is quite simple, one outdoor and one indoor unit, all the data is known and it is not that complicated. Prices are very democratic, as the navigation, the compressor and other elements of the circuit are also simple enough. AC installation requires no brazing or other hard work. The simplicity of all works is meant in comparison with other air conditioning systems.

The disadvantage is the space it occupies, there are usually around 3-5 rooms that need cooling, this means you need space for a minimum of 3-5 outdoor units. Another restriction is the length of the mainline, which is limited to 15-20m depending on the capacity of the unit and manufacturer.



More intelligent ac system is a multi-split system. The main difference from a split system is that it is possible to connect up to 5 indoor units to one outdoor unit. This system is more complicated in the installation and design phase, the prices of multi-split systems are also higher, since the adjustment requires a compressor with a wider operating range and more intelligent control system. The power of multi-split system is limited to 9kW cooling capacity, so it is ideal for large villas, but if necessary, we can install several of them. There are more restrictions for the length of the mainlines. It should not be more than 20m to the furthest mainline, and the total length of ac freon wiring is limited to 90m.



The most efficient air conditioning system for villas is the use of super multi-split systems also known as mini VRV systems. The power of this system reaches 18kW, while the number of indoor units can be up to 9-10 depending on the manufacturer. Basically, this ac system consists of an outdoor unit, a splitter unit, and an indoor unit. AC freon from the outdoor unit is supplied to the splitter units, which are installed in utility spaces, and from which the freon goes directly to indoor units. Mainlines here are much longer, the maximum length from the outdoor to the indoor unit is about 35m, to the splitter unit is not more than 15m, and the total length is up to 150m. The design of air conditioning based on mini VRV system is more complex, because you must consider all the lengths of piping, changes in elevation and many other factors. The installation of such hvac system is also more complicated because it requires copper pipes brazing and special copper tees–refnets that create exactly the same resistance on each branch, and many other features as well.



All previous central air conditioning system had direct cooling. In other words, the heat exchanger of the indoor unit was full of freon ac, while the chiller fan coil system involves the installation of both a chiller (a refrigerating unit) and a fancoil unit (an indoor unit). Types of fancoil units are exactly the same as for freon systems, such as canal, wall, cassette and floor units. The heat carrier for the system is water or a water solution with ethylene and propylene glycol. The cold carrier gets to the fan coils from the chiller through the battery tank and pumping station. Since the cold carrier is pumped by the pump, there are no restrictions on the length and number of indoor units. Keep in mind that this hvac works better for hotels, with required power of 20kW, otherwise capital costs are too big. The design of such an air conditioning system is not much more complicated as the design of a split system. Installation of the chiller fan coil system is also simplier because plastic pipes are used.


Air conditioner installation cost at the Bali

Almost all Bali villas and Bali hotels are built according to individual plans, taking into account the wishes of the customer, the ac installation cost in them are also individual. To calculate the price of ac installation or design of an hvac system for villas, we recommend you contacting our specialists. As soon as we receive the technical task from you, we will do our best calculating the cost of work and prepare a quotation.  Depending on your wishes, we can calculate several options, both for equipment of various brands and for different types of ac systems.

ac service

The “Global Bali Service” company offers a range of professional air conditioning service. We work with HVAC system of any type, including ceiling, dual-zone, sectional and cassette.

AC repair is a list of technically complex activities that can only be performed by highly specialized craftsmen. The device of modern climate equipment includes software and hardware systems that work in tandem. Failures occur, as a rule, as a result of untimely ac maintenance and lead to the following malfunctions: