Quite often customers who contact the “Global Bali Service” company complain about the formation of snow on the evaporator, condenser or piping of HVAC equipment. Sometimes snow, dust or ice flies out of the air condition equipment.

If any of these symptoms are detected, it is recommended to immediately disconnect the air conditioner from the network and call the specialist. If this is not done, then the operation of equipment working incorrectly will lead to the failure of other parts of the air conditioning unit.


Why does the outdoor AC unit get frozen?

It is worth mentioning that in most cases the outdoor unit gets frozen when the heating mode is enabled.

1. There is no standard for removal of the ice cover.
Innovative models of split systems are equipped with special hardware, which is designed to automatically remove ice from the outdoor unit.

2. There is dirt on the condenser.
Accumulated dirt on the surface of the plates does not let the cold transfer properly, since plates help exchange the temperature. As preventive measures, it is necessary to perform routine AC maintenance.

3.The climate control system is on when temperature outside is below recommended.
Provided that the equipment is functioning at outdoor temperatures below +50C, the probability of frost formation increases significantly, because this is a normal physical process.

4. Broken control module.
Partial repair of the control unit must be performed only in a service center. Complete replacement of the unit can be performed at your place. Our skilled craftsmen will come to you with all the necessary tools and professional equipment.

5. The sensor that monitors overheating of the capacitor is out of order.
Some modern models are programmed with the error code shown on the display.


Why does the indoor AC unit get frozen?

1. The reduced refrigerant level is less than recommended.
The level of AC freon reduces every year, that’s why the maintenance staff has to refill HVAC system. If the leak is serious, it is necessary to find the cause, which may be the mainline leakage (incorrect AC installation or errors made during the operation).
Some of our clients are wondering: “How much freon should I put in the climate control system?” The amount of refrigerant that is designed for proper operation of the air conditioner is set by the manufacturer. As a rule, this indicator is calculated based on the non-stop operation of the equipment, provided that the length of the pipeline equals to 5-7 m.

2. Clogged capillary.
The “plug” can be fixed by pushing with a high pressure.

3. Incorrect heat transfer can be caused by:

  • Accumulated dirt on the evaporator;
  • The filter clogged with dust;
  • Accumulated dirt on the fan.

4. Temperature control valve is not working correctly.
Temperature control valve helps pumping the freon AC into the evaporator. The failure of this part leads to the freezing of the central air conditioning system. You will have to call professionals to fix it.

5. The air conditioner is running non-stop.
This can be caused by multiple reasons:

  • Contact of the control relay is out of order;
  • The failed control unit;
  • Broken sensor responsible for monitoring the occurrence survey.

6. Damage of the capillary copper pipe.
Such a defect can be fixed by cutting the damaged area and welding the new pipe.

If you see that the air condition gets frozen, it is strongly recommended not to hesitate to call professionals. Qualified specialists of the “Global Bali Service” company will perform all the necessary works at your place, from determining the exact cause of the failure to AC repair. The only exception is a serious failure, in that case we take it to thr service center.

HVAC equipment fixed in time will prevent the overhaul expenses. Feel free to contact us by the contact data provided.

We will contact you shortly to discuss the details. Specialist can come the same day. After air conditioner diagnostics is done, our team will tell you the price and time to perform the necessary work of AC service.

At the end, the specialist will give you warranty on installed parts and work performed. We receive all parts from manufacturers who use high-quality materials.

We appreciate our reputation of a responsible partner. We regularly work on issues that relate to the level of services provided. We have a detailed discussion of the nuances of the upcoming scope of work with each client.

Please call us or email us, we will be happy to help!