Quite often specialists of the “Global Bali Service” company hear from customers that their air conditioning does not turn on. Usually there are a lot of reasons why the HVAC does not turn on.

You can fix some of the problems with the equipment yourself but only qualified craftsmen can professionally provide AC service and repair serious failures.


The reasons why air conditioning does not turn on can be classified into the following groups:

1. The control signal is not transmitted correctly.

  • Today manufacturers of HVAC system have each unit equipped with a remote control (wireless, wired or wall). Wall remotes usually come with an information display.
  • If there is no indication, you will need to carefully disassemble and check the terminal voltage. No voltage means that the circuit board or wiring is out of order. Voltage means that the remote is broken and must be replaced.
  • An infrared sensor is integrated in the wireless remote for a good signal transmission. That’s why it is possible indicate the failure with the camera. When pressing any button on the remote control, the flash should go off.
  • You can also check if the remote is working by running the air conditioner or a split system by pressing the button located on the inner case. If the equipment starts working, then the reason is definitely in the remote. Provided that the remote control sends signals but the equipment is only activated manually, the reason of failure is in the signal reception board.

2. Problems with the equipment power supply.

  • Most likely the control board is out of order, the voltage is not stable or there is no voltage at all. “Global Bali Service” team begins to identify failures in power supply system. First, we check the connection of the air condition (directly via a machine or with a plug).
  • When the indicators show the presence of current in the power supply system, we check the functioning of cables in HVAC equipment (outdoor and indoor AC unit terminals). Then depending on the results the following needs to be done:

        –   If there is voltage, the problem is in the inner board;

         –  No voltage indicates possible defect in the power supply cable (has to be replaced with a new one);

  • If the unit is turned off, it gets turned on;
  • When there is no separate unit, a feed unit is determined and then the output and input voltage levels are measured. Provided that the voltage is determined on the inlet and outlet, you should look for the cable failure;
  • The unit must be replaced if output voltage is not defined and the input voltage is. To fix it, the specialist will need certain tools and a voltmeter;
  • If you don’t have any experience with electrical wiring, it is not recommended to perform self-service actions, otherwise the situation may get worse because of the other failed nodes.

4. Does not turn on the compressor.

  • Only a specialist or an owner of the HVAC equipment can determine the failure of the compressor.
  • Frequent interruptions in operation and the formation of oil drips on the outer panel of the case can indicate some problems. The main reason for the failed compressor may be a freon leak.

The reason for this can be:

  • Cracked rubber gasket because of the long operation of the air conditioning unit;
  • The formation of cracks in the case;
  • The mainline damage;
  • A loose belt tension, dirt formations, as well as surges in electrical power.

5. Air conditioning is in the protection mode and it shows an error code.

  • Manufacturers of HVAC equipment equip modern models with an innovative AC diagnostic system that helps protect spare parts from some problems. There are different ways to display error codes on an electronic board:

         – the signal from the remote control is sounded;

         – the lights blink intermittently.

  • Manufacturers enter their codes in the memory of manufactured units, which can be decrypted using the service instructions.

Practical tips for proper use of the air conditioner that will help avoid serious damage:

1. AC freon refill from time to time.

  • Every year there is a freon leak in the air conditioning. The normal amount of the freon leak is 7-9%. If a bigger amount is indicated in the maintenance process, you should have a closer look to your HVAC system.

2. If the temperature outside is above zero, the equipment requires a lot of attention.

  • The temperature for proper operation with no special actions is zero degrees.For the air conditioning to work in temperatures below zero, you will need to equip your ac with a special set, or when buying the unit at the first place, you need to consider the fact that it is going to operate in the cold season.

3. Washing filters.

  • Filters are carefully removed and then washed under pressure in cold water. This procedure should be performed 2-4 times a year.