If air conditioner leaking water, it is important to take appropriate measures in a timely manner. Water leaking from the AC system can damage the wall finish, furniture units or cause a short circuit.

When the HVAC works correctly, the condensate drips into the container. Then the liquid goes out of the room through a drainage hose.

Specialists of the “Global Bali Service” company do not recommend you trying to fix AC yourself and leave it to professionals. Otherwise, the situation may get worse.



1. Evaporator clogging

When the evaporator provides an incorrect heat transfer due to clogging of its surface, it leads to freezing and the formation of water. To prevent this situation, it is necessary to perform the regular AC service & AC cleaning.

2. The pressure in the AC freon hose decreases along with a decrease in the temperature outside.

To avoid this situation, a condensation pressure regulator should be installed. HVAC intended for use in the northern regions gets immediately equipped with a pressure regulator on the production line.

3. Reduced refrigerant levels.

When the ice formed on the pipes melts, it leaks through the special holes of the outdoor AC unit. To fix this situation, you will need to add freon to AC unit. Water leaking from split AC may occur due to incorrect installation work or cleaning of the equipment and so on. If you don’t fix it in time, it will result in the equipment failure.


1. Blockage of drainage outlet.

Such a clogging happens when insects get inside the system, which forms a barrier that doesn’t let the liquid to flow out. In this situation the specialist of our service center will perform the purging of the drain pipe.

2. Incorrect slope of the drainage channel.

This leads to stagnation of liquid in the drain pipe. To fix it, it is necessary to perform a new AC installation of the drainage channel at the correct angle for the condensate to flow out.

3. If you don’t perform AC maintenance regularly, especially clean holes through which the liquid flows out, they become clogged.

In this case, the water begins to leak out of the AC split system. If you want to fix it yourself, then you can try to clean the holes very carefully with a thin wire. You have to really pay attention in order not to make it worse. But the best thing is to contact the specialist of our company who will come to your place at a convenient time for you and perform maintenance with professional tools.

4. The formation of a large amount of condensate occurs when warm air flow gets on a cooler of the climate control system.

In this case, a defective location discovered on the body, gently processed with an insulating material.

5. When there is a leak of liquid from the equipment after the installation is complete, there is most likely a crack on the drain pipe.

In case something goes wrong because of the incorrect installation, the replacement of broken parts with new ones is performed by the company responsible for the works.

In any case, if there is a leak in your air conditioner, it is best to contact the specialist because the cause may be a leaking radiator which either needs to be sealed or changed to a new one.

The failure of any parts of the AC unit clearly leads to an inefficient work of the air conditioner. A key function of HVAC system is in the cooling mode. If you don’t fix the failure in time, it will lead to even more serious damage. Found air conditioner leaking water inside?! Call professionals!

Company “Global Service Bali” specializes on the AC maintenance and repair of HVAC systems of different brands. Our staff comes to your place with all the necessary for accurate determination of damage and professional performance of works required. Thanks to our experience, we accept orders of different difficulty levels. We work fast but it in no way affects the quality of work performed. We guarantee an individual approach and affordable prices without overpayments.

There are parts in stock in our own warehouse that we receive from trusted and reliable manufacturers. After the work is completed, our specialist gives you a warranty for the parts replaced and the work performed.

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