• Cleaning the drainage tray
  • Electrical testing
  • Evaporator testing
  • Troubleshooting without replacing spare parts
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit
  • cleaning the heat exchange circuit
  • Cleaning the fan blades
  • Cleaning the air inlet grille
  • Outdoor unit impeller testing
  • Testing control for current consumption
  • Check freon mainlines
  • System pressure measurement
  • Freon refilling (up to 200 g)

air conditioner cleaning service

Air conditioning cleaning is mandatory and should be performed regularly. The company “Global Bali Service” offers a range of services of HVAC equipment maintenance including cleaning.

Cleaning air conditioner unit involves cleaning and antibacterial treatment of the basic elements of HVAC equipment, which take part in the air exchange. It also includes washing of filters and heat exchanger of the freon circuit.

Aircon cleaning is recommended when performance is slow, there is a bad smell or other dysfunction. Considering it is hard to fix, you should trust the professionals to do it to guarantee a correct operation of HVAC equipment in the future.

Technological features of air conditioners cleaning. This procedure includes several steps:

  • Disassembling of equipment;
  • Removing and washing the parts;
  • Installation.

In this case, heat treatment (which involves washing the heat exchanger and cleaning the fixed elements with a steam generator) and antibacterial cleaning of the air conditioner with special disinfecting solutions is performed. To ensure a long operational life of your equipment, this should be performed regularly.

Ac cleaning must be performed not only when detecting problems with the operation of equipment but also in accordance with the regulations developed by the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that failures are shown at the late stages when they become irreversible.

In our service center all works on ac service cleaning are performed using special equipment like steam generators, antibacterial solutions and cleaning devices. This ensures a high cleaning level and safety for main units. The price of cleaning the air conditioner is determined by the complexity of the work and status of equipment. For exact price calculation, we recommend you to contact our experts in any convenient way for you.