Is the air conditioning noisy? This situation may occur immediately after AC installation or some time after you use it, regardless of the brand of equipment. The exact cause of the noise coming from the air condition can only be determined by professionals with the help of special tools.

If the AC unit is too noisy, it is best to call specialists in time to determine the cause and perform the necessary work in order to prevent expensive major repairs in the future.

Our company specializes in performing AC repair work and maintenance of air conditioners of various brands. We receive all spare parts from reliable manufacturers whom we have been cooperating with for several years.


The main reasons why the outdoor air conditioning unit makes a lot of noise and vibrates: 

  • Noisy AC compressor;
  • Fan damage
  • The service life of the compressor expires
  • Non-compliance with AC Installation requirements
  • Damaged integrity of the external AC unit

Why climate system starts to make noise inside the room?

If you do not perform regular AC maintenance, the unit may start to make noises. Sometimes this situation occurs immediately after installation of air conditioning. The specialist of “Global Bali Service” will determine the exact cause of the failure and fix it professionally.

Often the reasons of noise are the following:

1. The equipment buzzes when it’s off:

  • This situation is typical for low quality AC units made in China;
  • Quiet buzzing which does not bother you, it’s specific for some models of HVAC;
  • A possible reason is in the power source of the transformer.

2. Reasons for air conditioner making noise that comes from the fan:  

  • The fan blades touch the elements of the mechanism;
  • The bearing located in the ventilated equipment is out of order;
  • A part of the air condition unit is damaged;
  • Fan blades rotate on low speed but with a lot of noise.

3. AC makes hissing noises when you turn in on:

  • If the installation of the air conditioning system already used before is done;
  • If the pipes diameter is narrowed because of the bend;
  • If pipes are clogged;
  • If there is a leak of freon AC.

Effective elimination of the causes of noise coming from the equipment:

  • If certain preventive measures are not effective, you will need to repair the compressor or replace it with a new one.
  • When the outdoor aircon unit operates in heating mode in winter, it may form ice. After getting rid of ice, air conditioning will work silently.
  • If the fan blades shape is changed or the fan is unbalanced, the impeller can make the noise. Also it happens when the impeller is damaged. Only experienced professionals can replace a damaged part with the new one.
  • When the cause of noise is a vibrating transformer, it can be fixed by tightening of fasteners. If there is a spring instead of a fastener, it is enough to just make it shorter the vibration will decrease significantly.
  • Unbalance of the equipment can happen due to accumulated dirt on the fan blades. In this situation the impeller gets thoroughly cleaned and washed with water with a small amount of detergent.
  • If you hear any suspicious noise, our service center team will remove all the clogging from the outdoor AC unit.
  • If a loud noise comes from the guard rail, we fix it with strengthening fasteners by drilling holes and installing bolts. Additional fasteners are installed next to the main ones.

We strongly recommend you turn off the air conditioner or multi split system and call the specialist in case there is a noise. Calling the “Global Bali Service” company, you can be sure that:

  • You can get a high-quality AC service;
  • You will get a detailed consultation;
  • Our skilled team will come to your place at the convenient time for you with all the necessary equipment;
  • We offer affordable prices for all services provided;
  • You will get the warranty for the parts replaced and work performed.

Years of experience allow us to perform works of any difficulty and urgency. To contact us, please use the contact information provided.