The most common failures of multi split systems and air conditioners are listed below. If your air conditioning not cold, our experienced craftsmen will perform an on-line AC diagnostics to determine the exact cause of the failure. Specialists will come to your place with the necessary tools and professional equipment.

Advanced air conditioning systems are equipped with cooling and heating modes. The main purpose of split systems and air conditioners is to reduce the temperature inside the room to a comfortable level.



Usually such equipment is often used in hot seasons. A significant decrease in operating efficiency can be caused by many factors. For example, air condition modules can get dirty. When the system takes air from the outside, dust not only remains on the surface but also gets inside the equipment.

Weather elements are also the cause of the accumulation of dirt on the outdoor unit of the AC system. Mud formed by a mix of dust and condensate becomes an effective heat transfer blocker. As a result, the air flow is not cooled to a comfortable temperature.

If you noticed that the AC not cooling, you need to find out the possible causes of the failure:

1. The room is not isolated

  • In this case, the efficiency of the cooling process is reduced due to the flow of warm air coming through the opened windows and doors.

2. Duration of work

  •  it is worthwhile to understand that after the start of the operation of the equipment, it takes some time for the temperature to stop at a comfortable mark. For the desired result, it will take about 15-25 minutes. Moreover, this time depends on:
  • initial temperature in the room;
  • premises area;
  • temperature condition of the external AC unit;
  • power HVAC.

3.  Incorrect air circulation

  • Various objects that are on the way of air flow lead to a malfunction of air circulation, and, as a result, the ac stops cooling.

4. Wrong choice of power for HVAC system

  • Low power equipment cannot cool a large room. That is why when choosing an AC air conditioner, it is necessary to choose equipment with a power
  • If after the preliminary AC diagnostics the situation has not changed, it is recommended to contact specialists. The company “Global Bali Service” specializes in providing professional services for the repair and maintenance of air conditioners and multi split systems of different brands.


1. The warm air comes from the ac despite the fact that it is set for cooling

  • 4-way valve located in an outdoor AC unit is out of order. Our staff performs reinstallation or adjustment of the valve.

2. The ventilation mode is ok but it barely cools

  • A common reason for the fan not to work in the outdoor air conditioning unit is too much dust. In case of an incorrect heat transfer of home air conditioner the compressor works all the time. Our staff replaces the fan or the engine.

3. Central air conditioning is not used for a long time. The air flow is weak and barely cools

  • Often the main reason is the decrease of AC freon level. Usually only 8-9% of the refrigerant comes out of the closed-loop system yearly. It is important to perform AC maintenance every year in order not to break the air condition. Equipment should be cleaned and freon AC should be refilled to the necessary level.

4. Air conditioner works for a short time and produces almost warm air if the temperature is high in the room

  • In that case temperature sensors of evaporator or condenser, which provide different cooling modes, are out of order. So the air conditioner unit turns off before reaching a comfortable temperature. Our specialist performs the replacement of the broken sensor with a new one;
  • Temperature sensor or thermistor is out of order. The sensor located in the indoor AC unit controls the temperature in the room. When the system detects low power, it shuts down earlier than it has to. Replacement of those sensors will fix the problem.


After performing air conditioner diagnostics, our staff let you know what needs to be done and gives you full price of our services. We offer affordable rates without overpayments. AC repair work is performed at home but sometimes we take the equipment to the service center if necessary.

In this case, our team will carefully pick up the equipment and after the repair we will provide a safe transportation back to your place. We are fast, reliable and good at what we do!

When the work is done, our specialist will provide a warranty for spare parts and AC maintenance.

Call us or write us on the provided contact information, the "Global Bali Service" company guarantees:

  • To consult you in details;
  • Professional work and AC maintenance;
  • A complex approach;
  • Being result-oriented.

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