air conditioner smells

Air conditioning smells bad but you don’t know what the reason is? Call the experienced “Global Bali Service” company specialists who have extensive experience and professionally perform works of different difficulty levels. We work honestly and responsibly.

A bad smell that comes from the AC system most often appears after some operational time has passed. Sometimes the smell is very strong, so it is not possible to use air condition. So you should forget about enjoying all the advantages of modern household appliances. It also may appear some time after the AC installation work has been completed. If you don’t do anything, this can lead to the failure of any parts of the unit. Moreover, you can even catch some serious diseases like asthma, allergic reactions and so on.



1. There are no siphons in the drainage channel, so bad smell fills the room. If the home air conditioner has not been used for a long time, then moisture evaporates in the siphons and they become unusable. That is why, after a long non-use of climate control equipment, you need to wait until the siphons are filled with the necessary amount of condensate.

2. There are a lot of bacterial and viral formations. They appear in condensate and dust collected on the heat exchanger of the indoor unit.

3. Smell comes from the room. HVAC system recirculates the air flow in the room when it is on. The only exception is some wall-mounted models and channel split systems where the air flow is different. So if your place has any aroma substances, the equipment will be accumulating them for some time and then will be their source as well. The source of smell in the room includes plastic and new furniture units that have a lot of formaldehyde resins.

4. Severe violation of the operating rules specified by the manufacturer. Failure to comply with technical and operational requirements often causes a bad smell coming from the air conditioner.

If you noticed that the air conditioning smells bad, the best thing would be calling experienced workers who perform accurate AC diagnostics by using modern tools and a high-quality disinfection of the indoor AC unit.


There are several effective ways to get rid of the bad smell coming from the air conditioner: performing an antibacterial treatment of HVAC system.

1. This procedure is performed using special detergents. First we clean the evaporator, then droplets of the cleaning solution will drain into the drainage system. We also need to make sure that there are no wet parts in the ac. We’ll be glad to perform professional cleaning air conditioners to permanently get rid of smells.

2. Drainage of condensate. We do this by turning on the ventilation mode for several minutes. Incorrect installation of the air conditioner can cause the formation of stagnant water and, as a result, a bad smell. This can only be performed by professionals.

3. Coverage of climate control systems and antibacterial filters. Today many manufacturers add special filters to the equipment that effectively help get rid of bad smell and bacteria.


Such air conditions and multi split systems help significantly reduce sharp bad smells. In this modern equipment you can use the following types of filters:

  • Photocatalytic

These filters work on the ability of the titanium dioxide under the influence of UV rays. The result is a decomposition of different organic compounds to water and to components, completely harmless for human health.

  • Plasma

The ionizer consists of metal plates. The voltage of several thousand volts is between them. Dust and bacteria get immediately neutralized between the plates, while the larger particles get electrified and stick to the plates.

  • Catechin

Catechin is a strong natural disinfectant. Many healing herbs contain it. Panasonic has received a patent for the electrostatic filter with a catechin coating.

The effect of the catechin filter is that the viral cells are attached to healthy ones with the help of special spines. The catechin coats the bacteria that get caught preventing them from attaching. As a result, once viruses pass through the catechin filter, they are no longer dangerous to human health.


Call us or write us, our staff will come to your place the same day. Contacting specialists in time will help you avoid the need for expensive overhaul of your equipment.

The experienced craftsmen of the “Global Bali Service” company use exclusively professional and quality-proved products designed to disinfect multi split systems and air conditioners in their work.