• Installing AC unit indoors
  • Installing AC unit outdoors
  • Freon line laying
  • Drain pipes laying
  • Power cable connection
  • Conduit layout
  • Freon mainline – 5m
  • Conduit 60×60 – 1m
  • Conduit 16×16 – 3m
  • Power cable – 3m
  • Outdoor unit bracket kit
  • Drain pipe 5/8 – 5 m
  • Electric plug

Installation of air conditioners includes a set of works on installation of indoor and outdoor units, as well as laying of the pipeline for the refrigerant and power cable. Besides, we pay special attention to the arrangement of the condensate drainage system.

Based on our experience, we can say that 80% of malfunctions are the result of an unskilled AC installation and split systems installation. To avoid frequent breakdowns, contact only professionals that you can trust. Our company “Global Bali Service” provides a warranty for the equipment and work performed.


There are several options to choose from, when installing split systems. The difference between them is in the location of units and the length of the canal route:

  1. The outdoor unit is installed under the window. The indoor unit is on the partition adjacent to the front wall. The main advantage of this option is a good access to the maintenance tools. The route can be walled up or hidden in a special conduit.
  1. The indoor unit of the air conditioning is located on the partition. The outdoor unit is on the facade between the windows. The advantage of this option of installing air conditioners is a neat appearance. However, it’s a little hard to access the outdoor unit from the window. We recommend using this option on the first and second floor of high-rise buildings.
  1. The outdoor unit of the air conditioning is installed on the front wall next to the balcony. The indoor unit is on the inner The advantage of this option is that it’s easy to maintain. Additional requirements: the balcony must be unglazed or must have end windows that is possible to open.

Sometimes the outdoor unit is installed on the side or the front rail of the balcony. But first you need to make sure if it is strong enough. It is also possible to install the indoor unit on the front wall inside the building if there are no people in this area.




First of all, before the AC installation starts, you need to evaluate the capabilities of the material which was used for construction of the building. For example, foam concrete walls will require the use of deeper anchors for attaching the outdoor unit.

We perform plates installation only with builder level. This ensures the correct orientation of the outdoor unit of the air condition. It also provides a stable capacitor lead from the drainage channel of the reservoir.

Otherwise, you may see:

  • moisture
  • mold
  • bad smell.

We usually connect copper pipes by rolling them and processing them with a trimmer. This eliminates the occurrence of freon leaks during the usage.
When installing split systems, you also need to keep in mind that the equipment operates from a standard 220 V power supply. If there is no outlet nearby, you will need to lay another communication cable – an electric cable.

You can always find out the current prices for the AC service, as well as for the installation of supporting equipment, from our managers. Feel free to call us or use any other way of communication which is convenient for you. The price of installation work is indicated for Bali.

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