We offer electricians repair in the villa on favorable terms. Our masters perform a wide range of electrical work, including:

  •  installation of spotlights
  • installation of chandeliers
  • installation of electrical panels
  • installation of sockets
  • electrical wiring repair
  • installation of LED strips
  • installation of junction boxes
  • installation of switches
  • installation of RCD

The specialists of our company also carry out the installation of electrical wiring and electrical equipment in homes, offices, shops and hotels. You can entrust them with any electrical and electrical repair work in the office or in a private house. Call us now and call an electrician at a convenient time!


Why is it necessary to diagnose electrical wiring?

More than 95% of fires occur due to faulty wiring. If you notice that the bulbs burn out too often, and the sockets spark or overheat, then most likely the wiring is faulty. In this case, it is recommended to call an electrician to diagnose the home electrical system. In the process, the wizard checks:

  • power cables for cracks and kinks
  • short circuit in all parts of the circuit
  • current leakage
  • detects the causes of the operation of RCD
  • checks the hidden part of the wiring

During the diagnosis, the electrician finds all the damage and eliminates them. If necessary, the wizard replaces the cable and devices used to ensure the operation of the home electrical network. Do not try to diagnose the wiring yourself! Firstly, this will require a multimeter and other equipment. Secondly, without special knowledge you will not be able to detect a malfunction. Only entrust this work to a qualified electrician!


How to save on electricians repair

There are two ways to save on repairing electrics. The easiest is to entrust the work to a private trader from the street, who will offer the most favorable price. The second way is to carry out repairs yourself.

Some private owners offer very low prices. The problem is that these masters cannot confirm their qualifications, and their guarantees are held on parole. But the electrician does not tolerate amateurism! For example, a violation of the wiring rules may lead to malfunction and even fire. It is impossible to check the quality of electrical wiring without special equipment and knowledge.

If you have the skills, you can perform the simplest electrical repairs yourself, for example, replace a blown bulb. But it will be very difficult to check the quality of wiring, install an electrical panel, connect energy-intensive household appliances and do other complex operations on your own. It is much easier to entrust this work to our specialists! Global Bali Service Company offers high quality services and affordable prices!


Warranties for our customers

Global Bali Service has been repairing electrics for 10 years. Our staff serves villas, offices, houses, hotels and cottages. Become a part of our team of professionals can only be a qualified specialist with experience of 5 years and a diploma on the availability of specialized education.

Do you have our branded discount card? Then you will be given a discount on all types of electrical and electrical repairs! The warranty applies to all services provided. The necessary materials for work are always available in our warehouse.

We work daily. You can call an electrician even on weekends and holidays. Just call or write via the contact form on the site, choose a convenient time for the arrival of the master. Performing simple electrical work takes 20 minutes from our specialists. They do their job quickly and efficiently!