Repair of household appliances at home

Global Bali Service is a company of professional craftsmen with specialized education and extensive experience in the field of maintenance of household and industrial equipment. The GBS team is based on the principles of professionalism and transparency of pricing. We have been repairing household appliances for more than 10 years. Our service allows you to get advice directly from the master. Be prepared to name the make, model and error code on the display of the appliance. Experienced specialists will identify a breakdown, indicating the exact cost of the repair. Call, consult, get quality service at reasonable prices!



Almost all the equipment that we use at home belongs to the category of household appliances. Household appliances tend to break. Replacing a part, in most cases, is ten times cheaper than replacing the unit itself. Therefore, the repair of household appliances at home is in demand by definition. A few years ago, to restore large household appliances, it was necessary to transport it to the nearest service center. Today, in 90% of cases, repairs are carried out directly at home. Our specialization is the repair of large household appliances with the departure of the master at home. An experienced specialist will diagnose and repair household appliances of any make and model. We guarantee transparency of pricing, high quality services using original spare parts.

Home Appliance Repair in Bali

When organizing a business, we took into account many aspects, the main of which is territorial. Damage to household appliances brings unnecessary trouble, which can actually be eliminated in just one working day. Urgent repair of household appliances in Bali is relevant in the immediate vicinity of a specialist. Our craftsmen are divided into three areas: repair of washing, cooking and refrigeration equipment. By phone indicated on the site, you will receive advice from a professional specialist in the repair of household appliances in Bali, located in the transport accessibility from you. At the bottom of the site is a list of settlements served by Global Bali Service.


Connecting household appliances to your home

We’ll tell you a bit about why you need a master to connect equipment.

The quality and service life of any, even the most expensive household appliances are directly affected by the quality of its installation and connection. If you bought a new washing machine or dishwasher, TV, oven, air conditioning, refrigerator and don’t want to understand the instructions and start using it right away, we recommend that you call the wizard for connecting household appliances from the Global Bali Service company.

We will ensure high-quality and uninterrupted operation of your equipment for a long time. We will help you correctly connect, install, configure the work of your new home assistant. If you are not sure that you will cope with this task yourself, then call us right now! We accept applications around the clock and travel to anywhere in Bali.


Why is it so important to entrust the connection of household appliances to specialists

Every year, household appliances are becoming increasingly difficult to use. Manufacturers create a modern product with a wider range of functions and capabilities that can make our life easier at times. But for many users, such innovations are often too difficult to understand, and there is no understanding of the instructions to the residents of Bali, neither time nor desire. Therefore, many owners are trying to just connect the equipment with their own hands, not understanding the nuances.

BUT! Any household appliance is important not only to connect correctly, but also to install and configure. We advise you not to waste time on this, but rather devote these minutes to your family. Moreover, the masters of the Global Bali Service company are ready to install and connect household appliances for you!

Why are we:

Constantly monitor new trends and innovations in the field of electrical appliances. We undertake the installation of household appliances of any brand, size and type of complexity. We work with both domestic and European manufacturers, budget and elite class. We have all the necessary tools for installation, connection, configuration and operational work. We offer the connection of household appliances in Moscow at the most affordable prices. Free customer advice on the operation of household appliances. We will help you understand the use of your washing machine, microwave, oven, vacuum cleaner, TV, refrigerator, water heater and not only.


How we are working

To order the service, just use the contact number on the website or leave a request in a special field. Our specialist leaves at the time and place indicated by you with a ready-made set of tools and materials. We install the equipment on a flat surface to avoid vibrations and loss of stability during operation. Connection of all devices to the mains, water supply or sewage system. Setting the correct operation of the equipment, trial run. We explain to the client the subtleties of the operation of the device, the nuances of its operation.

When ordering the connection of household appliances from the Global Bali Service company, you prevent possible leaks, the appearance of an unpleasant odor, equipment failure and frequent repairs, which is typical for improper installation and operation of the equipment.