The cost of video surveillance systems​

We install professional CCTV systems with a guarantee of up to 36 months on objects of any complexity. To find the approximate value of your surveillance system, you will receive a phone consultation or see prices below.

Cost of installation of CCTV is determined by the master-Gager on the object or after telephone consultation, we take into account the characteristics and needs of your facility, the nature and volume of installation works on installation CCTV surveillance systems and basic equipment necessary commissioning work on the system settings.

A rapid assessment of the price CCTV system you can get by contact form or e-mail: [email protected]

  • Assembly strictly according to modern standards

Do the installation carefully and securely

  •  Warranty up to 36 months

Due to the high quality installation and reliable equipment, we offer a unique program with a guarantee to 36 months.

  • Certified employees

All foremen – certified employees with specialized engineering education.

The essential features of a modern video surveillance:

  • night mode
  • reliable uninterrupted power
  • view and alerts via smartphone
  • motion detection
  • access from mobile devices

The current action

 You will receive a free 5th camera! Find out the details on the phone – make a call!

Order free measurement, you get:

  •  audit object
  •  estimate,
  •  layout cameras
  •  the demonstration of the equipment on the measurement

The scheme is the most popular solution for small businesses and private customers 


What is the price of installation of cctv?

Apart from the obvious, such as camcorders with price$ 30 and the Registrar with a price of$ 100, you will need to buy a power supply with protection of video surveillance equipment from possible power surges (their cost varies greatly depending on the features and starts from$ 50), and, optionally, to install uninterrupted power supply in case of accidental or deliberate power outages.

In any case, the installation of CCTV requires an individual approach and a calculation based on the characteristics of the object and requirements of the client. Leave a request for the preparation of rapid estimates Your surveillance system.

In the case of a need for connection and settings of the analytical modules, the price for the installation CCTV surveillance systems may increase. In terms of the necessary integration of CCTV video with access control system and(or) anti-theft security system cost of design and installation works may exceed the price of the equipment.


Select the resolution of video cameras


The higher the resolution, the more detail can be seen in the far distance, ceteris paribus. 1 megapixel represents 1 million pixels. For comparison, movies in HD quality means the picture more than 2 megapixels (1920×1080)

Get a free consultation and quick quote in 3 minutes

It is possible to assemble the next day

Popular CCTV cameras and materials available. Master after inspection immediately makes installation. + Full confidentiality and guarantee of 36 months

Access from your smartphone

Monitoring video camera from your phone and tablet with the ability to alert on movement, sound the alarm. The warranty on the main equipment up to 36 months.

Aesthetically neat installation

European standard in the work. Only a neat concealed wiring, durable weatherproof connections, compliance and recommendations Hikvision. Wasn't web of wires.

What else do you need in the CCTV camera installation? – here are the most popular items:

  • hard drive increased load for video surveillance systems
  • brand mounting boxes and brackets
  • extra batteries to extend battery life
  • monitor/TV with connection cables
  • a router and a modem for access from a smartphone, if the facility has no Internet, etc.

Choosing equipment for the installation of video surveillance, it is important:

  • Consider the compatibility of the surveillance cameras installation with other building systems: video phone, burglar alarm, smart home.
  • Leave headroom for postanovki additional cameras.
  • CCTV recording system and the Central equipment should be available and easy to maintain.
  • Twisting and dangling cables are not acceptable.
  • Over-heating and moisture should be excluded.

Call us and within a few minutes we will give an accurate estimate of the cost of installation CCTV surveillance system at your facility, explain the differences in equipment options and select the necessary options. Do not save on security, trust the installation and maintenance CCTV systems to professionals!