Currently, the island of Bali is a source of high interest not only among numerous travelers and tourists, but also among businessmen and entrepreneurs. Modern business has very limited opportunities for the profitable investment of capital and the profit from an investment, and one of the most reliable remains the estate, especially in popular resort areas. Investment in construction is today one of the most profitable lines of business. The medium and long-term investment rarely offers something more profitable than investing in construction. And if in many countries the investment business is going through hard times, Southeast Asia has shown steady growth in this sector. In this light, the construction or purchase of a private Villa, an apartment or a house in Bali seems to be an even better event, because it is not only the ability to relax at any time of the year, but also the ability to extract high income from renting your property to rent.

Possessing huge potential, the tourism sector of Indonesia is actively developing and attracting investments from abroad, creating a favorable investment climate for development of health resort business. Because of this, property investment in Bali are some of the most attractive ways of capital investment in South-East Asia.


In addition to a mild climate, favourable conditions for business and high flow of tourists, investors are attracted by stable growth in property prices in the region, which in itself is already a profitable investment. The growth of demand and reduction Fund lands serve as an additional guarantee of stable growth in property prices in Bali. The value of the property on this island is constantly growing at 3 percent to 15 percent per year, and the income from the leasing business can reach 20% per year of its value, which allows to recover the money spent on the purchase of real estate in the short term, namely in 5-7 years. In Bali, a possible implementation of various investment projects, depending on the volume of capital invested and the investor’s interests.

Of course, before you begin construction, you need to look for a suitable plot of land. The cost of land in the coast ranges from 30$ and up to$ 500 per 1 square meter Therefore, the cost of land is 1000 sq. m. can range from 30 000$ to 500 000$. The price of land depends on many factors, the most important of which are: proximity to the ocean, the prestige of the area, the availability of communications and infrastructure.


As for construction, its cost is much lower than in other States. This fact is due not only to the fact that prices for construction materials and labor in Indonesia is below average, but the fact that the construction in this climate eliminates so familiar to inhabitants of Europe thermal insulation of buildings and installation of heating equipment, due to the fact that the average temperature here is 26 °C. Construction of square meter of housing in Bali in average costs 450 – $ 1,500. The total construction time of approval of the project before putting it into operation depends on the volume of construction and takes from 6 to 12 months.

Among the partners of the company Global Service Bali, there are several construction companies have great experience and a good reputation, so if You want to build in Bali is the home of your dreams, and not to choose housing on the secondary market, our company is ready to help you in this process. In addition, our company has tools that will allow you not only to reduce construction costs, without risking or quality of construction or quality of materials used, but also allow you to make your property investment in Bali as cost-effective.

Among other things, Global Bali Service ready to help You find a suitable object for investment, to pick up the designs and projects of villas, to spend audit of the documents, to prepare and conduct a transaction, to assist in starting and maintaining your business. Among our clients are management companies and developers, but also lawyers, engineers, economists and other experts on Southeast Asia.

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