Pest control is a set of measures aimed at exterminating insects by exposing them to chemicals through fumigators of cold, hot fog and steam, as well as extermination by any other means, including trapping, repelling by ultrasound, and so on.
Pest control is used to rid living quarters, enterprises, shops, cafes, restaurants, as well as open areas, of such unwanted neighbors as cockroaches, bugs, flies, ants, fleas, wasps, hornets, beetles, mosquitoes and other insects.

Types of Pest Control

Preventive pest control

The preventive type of pest control measures is carried out for villas, hotels, schools, medical facilities, tourist camps, catering establishments, industries, in order to create adverse conditions for the reproduction of insects. Preventive disinsection consists in periodically washing the sheets, thoroughly cleaning the premises, cleaning the surrounding areas, cleaning sewer pipes, installing nets for ventilation, sealing the rooms (eliminating cracks, crevices). Special plastic boxes are installed, inside of which there is an adhesive plate with a bait. If insects appear on the object, then inevitably one two individuals fall into the trap and in this case the preventive type of measures becomes fighter.

Fighter Pest Control

The destructive type of pest control measures is carried out at objects with a large number of insects and consists in the complete extermination of pests, that is, all insect colonies and their nests. Various pest control agents are used, depending on their degree of settlement (physical, mechanical, chemical, biological, intestinal insecticidal, fumigation). The fighter type of pest control, in turn, has two subtypes: focal pest control, when nests, nurseries and arthropods themselves are destroyed, and final pest control, when especially persistent, surviving members of the colony and offspring hatched from eggs are destroyed, and a “barrier” is placed for in order to exclude the re-population of areas with one or another type of insect.

Types of pest control and their brief description

Medical – aims to achieve complete sanitation in the room and on its territory. For absolute control of the reproduction of lice, bugs, ticks, fleas, flies, cockroaches and others in such facilities as kindergartens, schools, food production, medical facilities. In order to avoid the appearance of arthropods, objects must meet all technical and sanitary standards, in order to prevent the appearance of insects at the objects, chlorination, quartz processing, cleaning of premises, and laundry are carried out. If it was not possible to prevent the appearance of insects, then fighter measures are applied.

Veterinary – is aimed at eliminating insects in veterinary clinics, animal shelters and similar premises, since all animals unwittingly become habitats and the spread of arthropods. Therefore, such enterprises constantly carry out the most serious pest control measures.

Agricultural – is aimed at the extermination of insects on agricultural land, as they cause great damage to cereals, legumes, industrial and other crops. Pest control is carried out using chemicals, by spraying, irrigating plants. For cattle, special equipped pools are used, where they are bathed in a special chemical solution.


Disinfestation methods and their description

Mechanical method – involves the use of adhesive tapes, Velcro, mosquito nets, which are installed on the places of movement of the accumulation of insects. Periodic cleaning of the premises is also carried out. The method is considered the least effective in relation to others.

Physical method – aimed at the destruction of insects by any physical influences. For example, temperature – hot steam treatment of nests, furniture or freezing of a room. When lice occur, boiling is practiced.

Biological method – mainly used to destroy flies and mosquitoes by placing microorganisms and toxins in small ponds, basements, storage rooms. Insect predators for a certain type of arthropod are also used.

Chemical method – is based on the use of chemical insect repellents, mainly in the form of liquids, less often in bulk form, also in aerosols and in the form of gas. Means differ in chemical composition depending on the type of arthropod and the method of exposure. Most often they use diluted means with water by irrigation, the method of artificial fog, which is formed when spraying disinfectants through special equipment.

The method of ultrasonic exposure – it has a place to be, but is considered ineffective, due to the lack of direct exposure to insects. The essence of the method is the exposure of insects to an electric field emanating from the device.


Disinfestation and sanitary control services

Despite the effectiveness of drugs from insects, the most effective method of getting rid of parasites is to call pest control services that allows you to quickly and effectively clean the room from arthropods.

Global Bali Service provides a full range of pest control services for residential and commercial premises:

  • Treatment by generator hot fog – on the effectiveness of the first treatment method. The effect on insects is directed not only chemicals, but also hot steam, which has a detrimental effect on insects, as many insects can’t stand the temperature over 50 degrees.
  • Treatment with cold fog generator – the second most effective method. Uses a special equipment through which apply chemical substances. Suitable for processing large areas.
  • Gassing is a method based on the complete filling of poisonous gas of a room.
  • Prophylactic (barrier) insect repellent – provides for the installation of the barrier from re-settling, with the help of insecticides.

After contacting our company, we will discuss a convenient time and date of treatment, the specialists of the degree of colonization of insects in the premises for the selection of a more effective drug. During the pest all the inhabitants of the villa or other premises should leave it on the processing time because the tools used are toxic and have a specific smell. After treatment need to extract premises from 40 minutes to 3 hours, then the room is definitely ventilated. After all the activities in client’s hands is a document of the executed works.

Based on all the above we can conclude that the call specialists more convenient and efficient, it allows you to reduce costs and save Your health.