Nowadays, modern people have begun to pay more attention to their health. The health of those who regularly swim and engage in it in many respects depends on the cleanliness of the pool. If you are the owner of a large pool, then pool chemicals is simply necessary for you. Without proper care, after 7-10 days, the water in the pool will “blossom” and it will become impossible to use it. It is worth noting that special chemicals are absolutely harmless to humans, if you follow the instructions and use them correctly. This can not but rejoice, but you need to understand correctly that the chemistry for pools is different. If you are at a loss with the choice of chemistry for the pool, then the Global Bali Service company employees with pleasure will help with the choice of necessary chemistry for your pool. We have compiled a rating of the best chemicals. They are safe, quickly deal with pollution and create a normal environment so that you can swim while enjoying your free time, or exercise to improve your physical condition. It has been known since ancient times that swimming has a positive effect on all muscle groups. Moreover, if you constantly engage in swimming, you can even cure scoliosis.


There are several types of chemicals designed for swimming pool cleaning and care:

  • Chlorine based disinfectants. They not only kill bacteria, but also remove organic impurities.
  • Substances affecting water hardness. They help soften water and prevent sediment.
  • Substances that fight the formation of algae.
  • Substances that small mud elements collect into larger ones. Thanks to such means, it will become even easier to clean the pool, and the cleaning time will be significantly reduced.
  • Combo substances. They are multifunctional, kill algae and regulate water hardness. In addition, such chemicals disinfect the water in the pool and the walls themselves, destroy pathogenic bacteria, make the water clean and transparent.

The choice of chemistry largely depends on the size of the pool and its current state. We strongly recommend that you combine several different agents, or choose combo substances. Thus, you will ensure comprehensive care of the product and increase the safety of pool water. Before use, be sure to read the instructions for use, determine the concentration of substances depending on the size of the pool. Too low a concentration is unlikely to cope with a polluted pool, and if you add a lot of chemistry, then there is a high risk of poisoning by vapors and skin damage. We highly recommend that you not experiment with hazardous chemicals. Contact Global Bali Service and experienced professionals will find the right and safe chemical components for your pool.

swimming pool chemicals


What is the difference between small home pools from those installed in hotels?

It would seem that the answer is obvious – in size. Of course, they have many differences, but today we will talk about their similarities. Their main similarity is the need to use chemistry for swimming pools. Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool. Firstly, it is not hygienic, and secondly, aesthetic beauty must be present. The pool with clear water looks much more attractive. It wants to swim as long as possible. If you are for aesthetic beauty and clean water, then you definitely need pool care products.

The company’s warehouse has a lot of pool care products in the house or villa. Global Bali Service collaborates with many chemical manufacturers around the world. That is why you can buy chemistry for pools in Bali and, most importantly, at a very attractive price. Check with the company employees for our entire range. We are sure that with us you will find exactly what you were looking for. If you have difficulty finding it or don’t have time at all, you can call our consultants by phone, which is indicated in our contacts, or write to the messenger. The specialists of the Global Bali Service company will advise you and help you choose the best and most suitable chemistry for the care of the pool water.

Choosing a chemicals, pay attention to some aspects:

  • Release form. Tablets, cartridges, concentrates – all this is offered by modern manufacturers. Choose the most suitable option according to your wishes.
  • Structure. It will depend on what you struggle with and why you buy chemistry at all. If you want to adjust the pH, we advise you to choose a means to lower or increase this indicator (the manufacturer writes about this on the package). Disinfection of water and its purification is carried out using chlorine-based products. In the fight against algae, preparations from the group of algaecides work well.