A modern pool is not just a bowl filled with water. This is a rather complicated hydraulic engineering structure, the effectiveness of which depends on correctly selected pool equipment connected in a single system. Global Bali Service engineers have experience in creating such hydraulic systems for pools of various configurations, areas, volumes and purposes. When choosing equipment, we strive to satisfy customer needs to the maximum while reducing future operating costs.

When designing pools, we choose modern equipment from leading manufacturers. These companies have been operating on the Indonesian market for a long time, supplying the necessary consumables and components, and fully comply with warranty obligations for maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment.



Filters for the pool are devices used to purify water from mechanical impurities. Without them, the water will become cloudy, bacteria and algae will begin to multiply in it. High-quality filters, selected taking into account the size of the pool bowl, increase the time between water changes. Depending on the method of screening suspensions and the type of filter element, filters are sand and cartridge.


 is a bulb with a multi-way valve for controlling operating modes. Mechanical filtration occurs due to the forcing of water through the thickness of the sand. Regular flushing of the flask is necessary to clean the filter itself. Sand filters are widely used due to their effectiveness. They are installed in all public and most private pools.


is a small oblong flask, under the housing of which there is a compartment for a replaceable cartridge. Under the pressure of the circulation pump, water seeps through the filter material of the cartridge, and debris particles settle to the bottom. The cartridge requires periodic washing under running water, but after several procedures it will have to be changed. A cartridge filter is effective if the pool is small and the water is relatively clean.




Pumps for the pool are devices that ensure the operation of filter systems, hydromassage equipment and water attractions. Their choice depends on the tasks and constant parameters of the pool bowl – mirror area, volume, load, type of structure.

Depending on the nature of the interaction of water circulation pumps for swimming pools are classified into two types: self-priming and suction normally.

  • Self-priming pumps are equipped with pre-filter and used in filtering systems of swimming pools. They can be installed above the water level: they are able to take the water from 3 meters high. Therefore, these pumps are particularly relevant for framing and home private pools.
  • Normal suction pumps are most often used for systems of jets, waterfalls, fountains, counter-current and other attractions. They are installed below water level or are provided with non-return valve in the case that you need to create a fence above the mirror surface of the pool.


Hydraulic embedded elements provide stable water circulation. This is the main criterion for the operation of the remaining cleaning systems of the pool and attractions.
Mortgage elements include skimmers, nozzles and bottom drains, which are designed to increase the performance of filtration systems.

Skimmers are designed to collect floating debris from the surface of the water. You can connect a water vacuum cleaner to the skimmer, which makes it easy to collect garbage from the bottom.

Injectors designed to control the flow of water, which ensures its mixing and better filtration. Recommended flow rate of water through nozzles 5-6 m3 per hour

Bottom drain serves to drain the pool water and filter the intake. It is recommended to distribute the water circulation in the pool as follows: skimmers 75%, bottom drains 25%.




Provide a comfortable water temperature. Depending on the principle of action, they are divided into flowing electric, heat exchangers and heat pumps.

Flowing electric water heaters provide fast and high-quality heating of water to the desired temperature. Most often they consist of heating elements, flow sensors, protection against overheating and thermostat. Water is constantly circulating through the housing in which the heater is located. If there is no fluid movement, then the flow sensor automatically turns off the device. Due to low energy efficiency, instantaneous electric heaters are most often used for heating water in small private pools.

Heat exchangers use heat transfer from the heating circuit. It can be either a separate boiler only for heating the pool water, or a boiler of the home heating system. The heat exchanger itself does not heat water. It optimizes heat transfer between two environments – the heat carrier and water in the pool.

Heat pumps also operate on a flow basis. Cold water is taken by the pump and, having passed the chain of heat exchange processes, returns to the pool, heated to the desired temperature. The use of heat pumps is recognized as the most energy-efficient solution for heating water. Their efficiency reaches 85%. Thus, 1 kW of thermal energy is cheaper than using a gas boiler or electric heater. In addition, the heat pump requires minimal maintenance.


Lighting systems are responsible for the safety of swimming, and also bring an individual atmosphere to the pool and the space around it. Thus, they combine functionality, visual comfort and the principles of lighting design. It is important that the aesthetic functions of lighting do not prevail over ensuring the necessary level of lighting and safety. Depending on the tasks performed, external lighting and illumination of the water surface of the pool are distinguished. Depending on the technologies used, halogen and LED lighting. All underwater lights operate at a safe voltage of 12 V.

  • Halogen pool lighting is characterized by lower energy consumption than traditional incandescent or gas discharge lamps. At the same time, they illuminate a large area, give a soft, diffused light. At the same time, quite bright, juicy and permanent. Halogen lamps have excellent color rendering. This feature allows you to design interesting lighting effects.
  • LED pool lighting is even more economical. Therefore, LEDs are increasingly used to illuminate the pool bowl. They give an extremely bright, powerful and clean light flux, which is evenly distributed in the water column and effectively diffuses indoors. Some varieties of underwater LED lamps can change colors and shades. Having equipped LED-lighting with a control unit with special software, you can create dynamic color tints in the pool, including color music.


Systems designed to provide and maintain clean transparent water in the pool in an automatic or semi-automatic mode. In addition, the health of swimmers depends on properly selected equipment. They are divided into 5 large classes, depending on the basic principle of disinfection and can be arranged in more complex systems to achieve the best effect.

  • Automatic chemical dosing measuring the parameters of the water and dosed with the necessary chemicals for the pool automatically. You can create and maintain perfect water quality through comprehensive processing: disinfection, adjustment of the pH, coagulation, protection against algae. Programmed to maintain the preset parameters without human intervention. Make the reagent more accurately, economically and conveniently than manually. Thus, reduce the consumption of reagents, keeping their dosing at the minimum required level.
  • UV units are used together with water treatment chemicals. Disinfect the pool water without using chemicals by irradiating water in the circulation pipeline to UV radiation. Thus, affect all types of microorganisms, including those resistant to chlorine and algae spores without changing the chemical composition of water. Require minimal maintenance and monitoring. Quickly pay for themselves by reducing consumption of chemically active substances.
  • Oils are used in circulating systems for swimming pools comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of water by dissolving it in ozone gas. Technology are much more efficient and safer more than traditional chlorination. Ozone completely destroys bacteria and viruses that are resistant to even high concentrations of chlorine. At the same time, does not dry the skin and has a healing effect on the human body. Ozonizers effectively disinfect and deodorize the water, clear of pollution. Give it a soft blue hue and provide a perfect transparency. Combined with chlorination ozone breaks down chloramines and prevents formation of chloro-organics. Therefore, Supplement traditional disinfection systems, modern ozonator in 2-3 times reduces the consumption of chlorine chemicals.

Copper and silver-based disinfecting plants effectively disinfect water due to the bactericidal action of silver and copper ions obtained by electrolysis. Their use is the only way to disinfect water, allowing you to completely get rid of chlorination. Saturation of water with noble metal ions has a long lasting effect, without causing allergic reactions. It reliably protects water

Electrolyzers – devices for disinfecting water by the method of releasing chlorine gas from salted water. As a result of electrolysis of the food cooking layer, dissolved in the pool water, it is split into components – sodium and chlorine, which kills microorganisms, effectively disinfecting the water. Due to the absence of the need for chlorine, which is produced by the installation itself, the electrolyzer pays off within 15-18 months.




All panels are equipped with a residual current device (RCD), which blocks the operation of all systems in the event of an emergency breakdown or accidental insulation failure.
Remote programmed pool control provides automatic on / off filtering and heating control.

Modern pools can be equipped with various types of equipment that can turn even a small pool into a full-fledged water park. These are water backflow systems, hydro massagers, waterfalls, artificial geysers, etc. We emphasize once again that the installation of equipment for the pool should be trusted only by specialists.

Global Bali Service specialists will carry out installation of equipment for the pool with the exact observance of all technological processes. Correctly carried out installation works guarantee the correct functioning of the installed equipment throughout the entire operational period. The price for installation of equipment for the pool will be determined even in the process of drawing up the project.