Pool maintenance

The “Global Bali Service” company provides annual pool maintenance with a contract for the construction of an object. The client can separately order this service for an already finished building.

During the construction phase, people often ask about the operation and maintenance of pools with their sophisticated engineering systems. The equipment of such facilities requires regular inspection and a number of regulatory activities. We offer high-quality service that allows the equipment to function normally and not endanger human health. A bathing person may suffer from broken filters, an increased or reduced dose of an acidity regulator and a disinfectant. The pool needs constant service of all internal and external systems.


What work does pool maintenance include?

The pool is a complex system, and it needs complex care. The need for service not related to size: regular care needs of any pool. Some believe that the maintenance of the pool, fitness club or hotel is limited to maintaining basic purity and sufficiently from time to time to clean it from visible debris. However, it is not so. Pool water is a kind of “living organism”, it is in constant interaction with the environment, but also affects the people who use the pool for their needs.

In order the process of using the pool were a pleasure and did not hurt, it should be not only transparent, but also hygienically impeccable. From the first day of the introduction of the pool in operation in the water environment inevitably includes various kinds of contamination, including pathogens that can cause various diseases.The temperature of water and air, solar radiation, precipitation, the presence in the pool with artificial current, Spa installation or waterfall, the intensity of use of the swimming pool — all affect water quality.

Thus, timely maintenance of the pool in accordance with the standards becomes the main condition for safe and comfortable use. It is not a single action, a regular, regulated by the features and operation of the process. Pool maintenance includes daily, weekly and monthly cycles. Each cycle consists of several steps, whose number depends on the purpose and equipment of each specific pool.

The basis of the service are:

  • verification of the technical systems of the pool;
  • quick troubleshooting;
  • water quality control;
  • prevention of pollution and mineral deposits in the pool bowl.

It is impossible to carry out the necessary work without special experience, equipment and chemicals for swimming pools. Caring for a pool is beyond the reach of an unprepared person: this is a complex process that requires regularity, a competent approach, compliance with safety precautions, as well as knowledge of regulatory requirements. Therefore, you can’t save on servicing pools – it’s easier and cheaper to entrust this business to professionals from the Global Bali Service company than later to spend money on complex and expensive repairs and look for a specialist who will undertake such repairs.


Swimming Pool Service Stages

First, a specialist of the “Global Bali Service” company carries out diagnostics, evaluates the scope of work and offers the customer an optimal service plan for this pool, which is fixed in the contract. Our experts check the operability of technical systems, eliminate all malfunctions, control the quality of water, prevent the formation of contaminants and deposits of minerals.

The service engineer must check the availability and serviceability of all elements of the technological scheme of the pool water treatment (pumps, filters, water heating systems and its additional disinfection with ultraviolet or ozone, chemical dosing units), as well as the correct connection of the building utilities (water supply, sewage, electrical and thermal networks) to the relevant pool networks. The presence of a ground loop, the temperature and humidity in the rooms, the color change of the inter-tile seam in the far corner of the pool, and much more do not remain without the attention of a specialist. Of course, the specialist will check the pH level and the disinfectant content in the pool water, and if there are specific complaints from the customer about the water quality, he will recommend additional tests that must be performed in a specialized laboratory.


At the customer’s site, our team conducts a number of events:

  • Water diagnostics (chemical analysis using a tester on CL, PH, CU).
  • The pool is cleaned with a special bottom vacuum cleaner.
  • Cleaning the pre-filters of pumps and skimmers.
  • The pre-filter system is being tested.
  • Wash the filters and clean the waterline.
  • Diagnose and repair work on any parts of the structure.
  • Adjustment of automatic dosing systems for disinfecting, stabilizing and coagulating water treatment reagents.
  • Cleaning the electrodes of the metering stations.
  • Set up and calibrate automatic dosing and water quality control stations (PH, CL, RX).
  • Regulation of the operation of timers for automatic control of filtration and disinfection.
  • Measurement and correction of the pH of the pH within the working range of the electrical conductivity.
  • Checking the operation of temperature, pressure sensors, pneumatic switches and their adjustment.
  • Diagnostics of the circulating circuit of heat exchangers for leaks.
  • Consultation on the operation of the pool and training skills in working with a water vacuum cleaner.

Modern devices purify water very quickly. Professionals from our company will carry out all the procedures without interruptions in the operation of engineering systems, reducing water quality and spoiling the appearance. In addition, improper handling of chemicals can instantly undermine human health.

It is better to hand over the maintenance of pools in Bali to specialized specialists in this field – the “Global Bali Service” company. We tackle the most difficult cases, guaranteeing the high-quality performance of services from all of the following points:

high level of qualification of employees

conscientious attitude to any tasks of the customer

performance of work in a short time

optimal price for pool maintenance

full range of chemicals

We serve your pools 2-4 times a month. In this case, do not worry about the uninterrupted operation of the structure. Our employees also come to one-time calls to quickly solve current problems. Pool maintenance not only helps prevent the vast majority of breakdowns, but also extends the life of the facility, keeping it clean and tidy.

You can find out prices for pool maintenance services from company managers