A modern pool is considered a complex hydraulic structure, which consists of individual elements and entire systems. Pool repair are required from time to time when preventive measures and after-sales service no longer help to solve the problem. More often than not, they simply replace broken items due to natural deterioration indicators. The Global Bali Service company offers customers overhaul and cosmetic repairs of pool equipment, as well as other highly specialized services in this area. We carry out operational measures to modernize the facility and to maintain the stable operation of all hydraulic systems.


Despite scientific advances in the field of production of modern building and finishing materials, nothing is eternal, not exposed to destructive properties of moisture, to invent so far failed. Over time, constant exposure to water dissolved metal, stone, wood and even modern polymer coatings. And pools, from whatever high quality material they would not have been made, are no exception. But this is not to say that after a certain period of time, instead of the old pool needed to build new ones. Served us for many years, the pools can be repaired, and if desired, produce and complete reconstruction of the pool. Renovation of swimming pools includes a complex of works on replacement of equipment, finishing and installing new additional elements. This not only restores, but also expand the functionality of Your pool and change its appearance.

Depending on the appearance and technical condition of Your pool is determined and a list of necessary repairs and reconstruction work. One of the professional activities of the company, Global Bali Service is the provision of individual and integrated services for the repair and renovation of swimming pools. Working with our company you can order a partial or a comprehensive renovation of swimming pools in Bali. If necessary, our specialists in the shortest possible time and the specified time will produce a quality repair of equipment pools.


types of pool repairs


Cosmetic repairs

This service is intended for low-cost and simple events:

  • Replace handrails and stairs, spotlights, cranes and other small components and parts.
  • We restore the original appearance of the structure, replacing tiles, mosaics and other decoration elements.
  • We change the original ornaments and patterns, color schemes and surface texture.


Complex repair of the pool bowl with a wide range of activities is carried out as follows:

  • The bowl is being repaired: chips, cracks and leaks are eliminated, the surface of the walls are leveled, and weakened parts of the structure are strengthened. Design elements are restored.
  • Replaced obsolete waterproofing system and other equipment due to malfunctions and damaged appearance.
  • Reinforced concrete structures are being restored and restored, their parameters are changed in width, depth or length. The shape of the object is modified.

Renovation of a pool can be caused by different reasons. This gradual destruction of the internal finishing materials, wear and failure of water systems, filtration and water heating, problems with waterproofing. And if Your pool appeared even all of the above problems, it is also not a tragedy. Please contact Global Bali Service. Waterproofing of swimming pools at an affordable price at Your service. We offer swimming pool repair services will save You from wasting time looking for materials and equipment. A large selection of quality materials and components You will find in our company that will save You also from transport costs, as everything we deliver by our own transport. You will just have to accept the job.

As a rule, the reconstruction of the pool tied to its long-term commercial exploitation without proper care. This may be due to improper water filtration, its quality and lack of proper circulation. In the latter case, the water stagnates, interior finishing materials begin to be covered with mucus and deteriorate with time and become unsightly in appearance. But in this case it is not necessary to be afraid of the term “reconstruction of the pool”. Time is merciless and inexorable, and the reconstruction of the pool, particularly the open type, is sometimes the only means of restoring it for further use. Importantly, the reconstruction of the pool, as all the above repairs and replacement of equipment was carried out by professionals.

Clients of our company receive the following advantages:

  • We restore, configure and replace all devices of artificial reservoirs.
  • We use only licensed components from leading enterprises.
  • We work with highly qualified specialists with many years of experience.
  • We offer favorable prices for repairs.

The Global Bali Service company is engaged in the restoration of hydraulic systems for safe operation, including:

  • Repair of pools with violation of the tightness of the bowl.
  • Replacement of filters, water pump, backlight, etc.
  • Reconstruction and restoration work.
  • Modernized filtration systems with disinfection and automation.

Our company carries out repair and maintenance of pools of any kind with a full guarantee of a strong, uninterrupted and multi-functional operation of the hydraulic system. Our pool repair prices are calculated in detail, taking into account the volume and nature of the work. The customer agrees on all expenses and signs the contract. We are not involved in the wrapping up of the final cost, removing hidden payments and sudden price increases unilaterally. We employ only experienced employees who use building materials from the best international manufacturers. After reconstruction, the “Global Bali Service” guarantees long operation of all nodes without any failures due to the fault of its specialists.